About the Montavilla Jazz Festival

Musical Philosophy and Background

Held in the Montavilla neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, the mission of the Montavilla Jazz Festival (MJF) is to support and strengthen local music culture and to enrich our community by showcasing the best of Portland’s originally composed, progressive jazz. While other festivals focus on international acts, legacy heavy hitters, or more mainstream jazz, MJF showcases the best of Portland-based artists–and they’re chosen based solely on their skill and creativity.

After three successful seasons, MJF will happen again in 2017, at Portland Metro Arts, a non-profit community center for arts education and performance.

Jasnam Daya Singh

MJF is underwritten entirely by its sponsors. All revenue in excess of expenses will be saved to fund next year’s festival and to enhance music education (see below). Contributions made toward MJF are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Montavilla Jazz Festival is fiscally sponsored by SE Uplift, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and coalition of twenty Portland neighborhoods.

Dates and location

When: Saturday and Sunday, August 21 and 20, 2017
Where: Portland Metro Arts, 9003 SE Stark, Portland, OR 97216

Montavilla Neighborhood Association

Montavilla is a fantastic, unique place to live, being one of Portland’s largest and most diverse neighborhoods. As one of our city’s officially recognized neighborhood associations, Montavilla Neighborhood Association (MNA) supports neighbors in their efforts to engage with each other and carry out creative projects to improve community life. Examples of current and recent MNA projects and efforts include:

  • Funding projects such as concerts in the park at Berrydale Park, and, through a small grants program, varied projects at neighborhood public schools
  • Advocating for public safety improvements, including improved pedestrian safety on neighborhood streets; hosting an annual National Night Out event
  • Holding the MNA Annual Cleanup, which allows neighbors to dispose of recyclable and unwanted items and conducting ongoing street cleanup

To foster engagement, MNA holds general membership meetings every second Monday of the month (August and December excepted). MNA also periodically hosts problem-solving workshops focused on specific topics, as well as socials where neighbors can connect informally. MNA hosts one of Portland’s largest and most active Facebook groups. Please attend one of MNA’s regular meetings or engage with MNA online. MNA exists to support neighbors in Montavilla!

Montavilla Schools Music Fund

The Montavilla Neighborhood Association and the MJF team are dedicated to enriching the lives of Montavilla residents by supporting our neighborhood schools and their music education programs. To learn about the Montavilla Schools Music Fund (MSMF), please visit the MSMF page.

Student Musician

Photos by Kathryn Elsesser © Photography


Neil Mattson—executive director
Ryan Meagher—programming director
Aaron Hayman—art director

Support Team
Suzanne Bader—volunteer coordinator
Austin Stewart—communications
Luby Wind—volunteer assistant

Rick Gordon—sound engineer
Ryan Meagher—production lead

Tom D’Antoni
Lynn Darroch
Deborah DeMoss Smith
Daniel Flessas
Ben Turner

Tina Granzo—webmaster, blog
Aaron Hayman—graphic designer
Kristin Thiel—editor

Aaron Hayman—graphic designer
Kristin Thiel—editor

Kathryn Elsesser
Aaron Hayman