Montavilla Schools Music Fund

Montavilla is one of East Portland’s largest neighborhoods and relies on four public schools to serve neighborhood families. Due in part to declining funding for arts and music education, only two schools offer music curriculum during the school day. The other two schools supplement general curriculum with afterschool classes. To help meet the community’s need for music education, MJF created the Montavilla Schools Music Fund (MSMF).

Funded with proceeds from festival ticket sales, the grants are made available through a competitive proposal process. This year, MJF granted $2,000 to neighborhood schools Bridger Elementary, Creative Science School, and Vestal Elementary. Each school will use the grants to enhance music education and help students explore their creative potential. Vestal Principal Emily Glasgow has this to say about the MSMF: “Schools are a vibrant reflection of their community, and the joy of music is something that every student should have the opportunity to experience. With the opportunity to bring new resources to our students through the Montavilla Schools Music Fund, we are thrilled with the support of the community to enrich the creative environment of our school.”

Montavilla Jazz Festival will continue the MSMF next year, so attendees should know that their attendance at MJF 2016 will support neighborhood public school music education once again in 2017! Our hope is that the MSMF will be an ongoing source of support for our schools!