Creative Music Guild | Sound Foundry

Portland Metro Arts – Sunday, August 19 – 4:10 p.m.
Creative Music Guild

Creative Music Guild | Sound Foundry

Sunday, August 19, doors open: 1:00 p.m., event begins: 4:10 p.m.
Tickets: https://www.tickettomato.com/event/5574

One of Portland’s most adventurous musical organizations hosts an improvised set with top-flight instrumentalists.

The Creative Music Guild is a Portland, Oregon, all-volunteer, nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote experimental, improvised music by presenting concerts, workshops, and other events that bring together internationally recognized musicians with local performers, audiences, and music students of all ages. For over twenty years, the CMG has been a leader in cultivating Portland’s experimental and improvised music.

There are four major components of the organization: the Outset Series; the Improvisation Summit of Portland; Confluence: The Visiting Artist Series; and the Extradition Series.

Lineup: Jimmie Herrod, vocals; John Savage, reeds; Mike Gamble, guitar; David Ornette Cherry; Andrew Jones, bass; Chris Johnedis, drums

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