Rich Halley 5 with Vinny Golia

“Oregon-based saxophonist Rich Halley has been turning out smart, brawny music for a couple of decades.” – Downbeat

Rich Halley is a saxophonist and composer based in Portland, Oregon. He is known both for his asymmetric and rhythmic compositions and his fiery improvisations. Halley has released twenty critically acclaimed recordings, including over one hundred original compositions. He leads the Rich Halley 4, which features Los Angeles trombonist Michael Vlatkovich, Canadian bassist Clyde Reed, and Halley’s son, drummer Carson Halley.

As a composer, Vinny Golia fuses the rich heritage of jazz, contemporary classical and world music into his own unique compositions. As a bandleader, Golia has presented his music to concert audiences worldwide in ensembles varying dramatically in size and instrumentation. A multi-woodwind performer, Golia’s recordings have been consistently picked by music journals for yearly “ten best” lists. Additionally, he has also contributed original compositions and scores to ballet and modern dance works, video, theatrical productions, and film.

As All About Jazz described Halley’s most recent release with Golia, The Outlier, “The music’s appeal is its unusual and engaging mixture of structure and freedom—sometimes very wild freedom.”

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