Special Thanks

The MJF team thanks the following people for their contributions to Montavilla Jazz Festival 2019:

  • All our amazing artists
  • Our volunteers and talented emcees
  • Our generous sponsors and partners
  • All attendees and our many neighborhood friends who have supported MJF 2019
  • Our generous donors
  • George Thorn and Helen Daltoso of Regional Arts and Culture Council
  • Sabrina Flamoe of Vestal Elementary, Miesha Plotzke of Creative Science School, Melissa Schachner of Bridger School, Leah Dickey of Harrison Park School
  • Elizabeth Allen and Nancy Yeamans of Portland Metro Arts
  • Amy Theberge of Revel Events
  • Amy Maxwell of Ticket Tomato
  • Rick Gordon of Sound Doctor PDX
  • Dana Cofer and Sami Khawaja of Vino Veritas
  • Todd Dennis and Kristen Brown of East Glisan Pizza Lounge
  • Michael and Melissa Kora of Montavilla Brew Works
  • The Montavilla East Tabor Business Association
  • And our friends and families–without their help, this festival would not be possible.

Thank You!!

Joe Manis
Jessika Smith Big Band
Darrell Grant

Photos by Kathryn Elsesser © Photography

Oregon Cultural Trust
Regional Arts & Culture Council
The Oregon Community Foundation
The Skanner
Fred Meyer
Montavilla Sewing Centers
Mr. Plywood
Business Works
East Side Printing Company
Kathryn Elsesser Photography
Portland Piano Company
Sound Dcotor
Vespertine Works
Vortex Magazine